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Zombies vs. Satan / Meat for Satan's Icebox

Zombies vs. Satan / Meat for Satan's Icebox
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Two of New York's most feared hitmen are given the task of transporting three bodies and a new drug to Miami. En route, they encounter trouble in the form of hillbilly zombies, created by the very drug they are to deliver. Stewart Adamo ... Mr. Delbrone Tony Bane ... Captain Jon Bearr ... Zombie Cesar Becerra ... Bodyguard 1 Gerardo N. Becerra ... Bodyguard 2 Olimpo Becerra ... The Cuban Orlando Bortello ... Bookie Catherine Brissey ... Sadie Riley Brock ... 10 yr old Lauren Brooke ... Goat Man's Wife Josh Burden ... Goat Man Runtime:110 min Country:USA Language:English

Meat for Satan's Icebox Pretty Cindy Cavateli's life is in shambles after she witnesses her mother's death at the hands of savage slaughterhouse fiends. Cindy and another youth, Christian, try to flee the terrible town, but find themselves, like Hansel and Gretel, in the bowels of the slaughterhouse, where they experience sadistic torture and sexual perversions while they are helplessly held captive in the clutches of the cannibalistic workers. David Anthony ... Cain Tiffany Apan ... Janet Cavatelli Hope Ashford ... Trixie Crystal Aura ... Cindy Cavatelli Angie Azur ... Amber Daniel Baxter ... Charles Maddox Kathy Bothem ... Sister Angela Angelo Bruni ... Sharky Michael Burkett ... Mr. Runtime:USA:100 min Country:USA Language:English