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Item# witchcraft

Product Description

Since the 17th Century when the Lanier's buried a Whitlock woman alive as a witch and took over the Whitlock estate, the Whitlocks have hungered for revenge. Against the wishes of both families, Amy Whitlock (Diane Claire) and Bill Lanier (Jack Hedley)are planning on getting married. The Laniers have sent bulldozers onto the old Whitlock Estate to level the land for a construction project. Morgan Whitlock (Lon Chaney, Jr.) and his daughter Amy make a futile effort to stop the bulldozers that overturn headstones and churn up graves in the Whitlock Cemetary. That night, an overturned coffin opens and Vanessa Whitlock (Yvette Rees), the witch buried centuries ago, rises from the grave. Together with Morgan, they use their supernatural powers and soon, one-by-one, the Laniers meet with fatal accidents. Tracy Lanier (Jill Dixon) follows Amy into the family crypt and is astonished to see Vanessa and her witches in weird supernatural rites.

Lon Chaney Jr. ... Morgan Whitlock Jack Hedley ... Bill Lanier Jill Dixon ... Tracy Lanier David Weston ... Todd Lanier Diane Clare ... Amy Whitlock Yvette Rees ... Vanessa Whitlock Marie Ney ... Malvina Lanier Viola Keats ... Helen Lanier Victor Brooks ... Insp. Baldwin Barry Linehan ... Myles Forrester Marianne Stone ... Forrester's Secretary John Dunbar ... Doctor Hilda Fenemore ... Nurse (as Hilda Fennemore) Country:UK Language:English Color:Black and White Year: 1964