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White Line Fever

White Line Fever
Item# White-Line-Fever11

Product Description

In this action film, trucker Carrol Jo Hummer (Jan-Michael Vincent) borrows money to purchase a truck of his own, only to discover that part of his "payment plan" includes smuggling goods on his trips. When Carrol refuses to participate in the underhanded scheme, a group of thugs threaten his wife, leading Carrol to fight back with a vengeance.

Jan-Michael Vincent ... Carrol Jo Hummer Kay Lenz ... Jerri Kane Hummer Slim Pickens ... Duane Haller L.Q. Jones ... Buck Sam Laws ... Pops Don Porter ... Cutler R.G. Armstrong ... The Prosecutor Leigh French ... Lucy Johnny Ray McGhee ... Carnell Dick Miller ... Birdie Martin Kove ... Clem Jamie Anderson ... Jamie Runtime:90 min Country:Canada | USA Language:English Year: 1975