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A seemingly benevolent alien race forces Earth into fascist rule. In Los Angeles, a brilliant med student unintentionally becomes the leader of one of the world's most effective resistance movements against the invaders. With the help of an intrepid journalist and a motley group of people from different walks of life united in the cause, they help to reveal the secret of the Visitors--who turn out to be a reptilian race--and aid in the global effort to save Earth for future generations.

Jane Badler ... Diana Michael Durrell ... Robert Maxwell Faye Grant ... Juliet Parrish Peter Nelson ... Brian David Packer ... Daniel Bernstein Neva Patterson ... Eleanor Dupres Tommy Petersen ... Josh Brooks Marc Singer ... Mike Donovan Blair Tefkin ... Robin Maxwell Michael Wright ... Elias Taylor Bonnie Bartlett ... Lynn Bernstein Leonardo Cimino ... Abraham Bernstein Richard Herd ... John Evan C. Kim ... Tony Wah Chong Leonetti Richard Lawson ... Dr. Ben Taylor Runtime:197 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1983