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A serial killer stalks London, targeting theater critics who he kills in methods inspired by Shakespeare plays. The police grow to suspect the killer is Edward Lionheart, an egotistical actor who leaped to his presumed death after being denied an important award, mainly due to his refusing to appear in any play not written by Shakespeare. The remaining critics and the police find themselves helpless to stop Lionheart's increasingly baroque revenge, though they contact his daughter in a desperate attempt to find something they can use against him. Everything builds to a reenactment of King Lear in which Lionheart will succeed or die once and for all.

Vincent Price ... Edward Lionheart Diana Rigg ... Edwina Lionheart Ian Hendry ... Peregrine Devlin Harry Andrews ... Trevor Dickman Coral Browne ... Miss Chloe Moon Robert Coote ... Oliver Larding Jack Hawkins ... Solomon Psaltery Michael Hordern ... George Maxwell Arthur Lowe ... Horace Sprout Robert Morley ... Meredith Merridew Dennis Price ... Hector Snipe Milo O'Shea ... Inspector Boot Eric Sykes ... Sergeant Dogge Madeline Smith ... Rosemary Diana Dors ... Maisie Psaltry Runtime:104 min Country:UK Language:English Year: 1973