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Item# the-texas-chainsaw-massacre---widescreen-

Product Description

Sally Hardesty and her wheelchaired brother Franklin along with three friends travel to a cemetary where there have been grave robbings.To continue their trip, they pick a hitchiker. The hitchiker turns out to be crazy so they drop him off and proceed with the trip. They go to visit an old house where Sally and Franklins' Grandfather used to live . One follows a trail from the back of the house and that's when it all begins.le: 100% cotton, crew-neck, athletic fit, print graphic on front... Marilyn Burns ... Sally Hardesty Allen Danziger ... Jerry Paul A. Partain ... Franklin Hardesty William Vail ... Kirk Teri McMinn ... Pam Edwin Neal ... The Hitchhiker Jim Siedow ... Old Man Gunnar Hansen ... Leatherface John Dugan ... Grandpa Robert Courtin ... Window Washer William Creamer ... Bearded Man John Henry Faulk ... Storyteller Jerry Green ... Cowboy Ed Guinn ... Cattle Truck Driver Joe Bill Hogan ... Drunk Runtime:83 min Country: USA Language:English Color:Color Year: 1974