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The Hearse / Blood of Dracula's Castle

The Hearse / Blood of Dracula's Castle
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FIRST UP, THE HEARSE!Jane Hardy (Trish Van Devere-DAY OF THE DOLPHIN, THE CHANGELING), recovering from emotional problems following a difficult divorce, leaves San Francisco for a summer in the country house left to her by her late aunt. On the road, she has an eerie, near-collision with a hearse. Arriving at "the old Martin place", she discovers it's been left as it was when her aunt died 30 years before. Now see this chilling classic from a brand new HD master, first time anywhere!

Next up, BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE!A chilling, blood-curdling tale about a young couple that inherits an old castle but finds it already inhabited by a crazy butler (John Carradine). See this in the version featuring a werewolf! Actors: Trish VanDevere, Joseph Cotton, John Carradine, Katarina Leigh Waters