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The famed John Cheever short story appeared in the New Yorker and people talked. Now there will be talk again. When you sense this man's vibrations and share his colossal hang-up . . . will you see someone you know, or love? When you feel the body-blow power of his broken dreams, will it reach you deep inside, where it hurts? When you talk about "The Swimmer" will you talk about yourself?

Burt Lancaster ... Ned Merrill Janet Landgard ... Julie Ann Hooper Janice Rule ... Shirley Abbott Tony Bickley ... Donald Westerhazy Marge Champion ... Peggy Forsburgh Nancy Cushman ... Mrs. Halloran (Nudist) Bill Fiore ... Howie Hunsacker David Garfield ... Ticket Seller (as John Garfield Jr.) Kim Hunter ... Betty Graham Rose Gregorio ... Sylvia Finney Charles Drake ... Howard Graham Bernie Hamilton ... Halloran's Chauffeur Runtime:95 min Country:USA Language:English Year:1968