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Item# stalking-laura

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Laura Black has got it. She has got her master in computer science and she has got that great job in Silicon Valley. Time to say 'bye bye' to mom and dad and to leave Virginia. Everything seems to be fine with one exception. That guy Richard Farley at her new job. If he would stop his attempts to date her. Since weeks his psycho terror is going on now. Laura decides not to let him win. She does not want to be his 'victim'. May be an official complaint about Farley would solve her problem? Richard Thomas ... Richard Farley Brooke Shields ... Laura Black Viveka Davis ... Mary Ann William Allen Young ... Chris Richard Yniguez ... Lt. Grijalva Scott Bryce ... Sam Waters Linda Emond ... Penny T. Max Graham ... Captain Olson Kevin Brief ... Lt. Mark Shagan Tim Snay ... SWAT Lt. Bannister Dick Mueller ... Tom Black Donna Thomason ... Glenda Moritz Mark McCarthy ... Wayne Williams Merle Moores ... Donna Black Caroline Vinciguerra ... Sarah Black Runtime:92 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1993