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Shadow of the Hawk

Shadow of the Hawk
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The aging Indian medicine man Old Man Hawk (Chief Dan George) arrives in the city to request help of his grandson Mike (Jan-Michael Vincent), a successful business executive. Old Man Hawk is fighting a sorcerous war with the witch Dsonqua (Marianne Jones) who was executed two hundred years before and is now seeking revenge. Mike, who has no interest in the Indian ways, is reluctantly drawn in to helping. Joined by a woman journalist named Maureen (Marilyn Hassett), Mike agrees to drive his grandfather three hundred miles home. But along the way Dsonqua increases her efforts and summons magical forces to destroy them.

Jan-Michael Vincent ... Mike

Marilyn Hassett ... Maureen Chief Dan George ... Old Man Hawk Pia Shandel ... Faye Marianne Jones ... Dsonqua Jacques Hubert ... Andak Country: Canada | USA Language: English Year:1976