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Revenge of the Zombies / Voodoo Woman

Revenge of the Zombies  / Voodoo Woman
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Well, this is a pretty run-of-the mill 1940's "remote tropical island zombie" flick and I like those (even though they will never be a critics' choice for anything). One virtue of the flick is the cast. It has one of Mantan Moreland's later roles. Tom Conway (who had been something of a leading man such moovies as "I Walked with a Zombie" and played Holmes and The Falcon on radio and, later, The Saint on TV)appears relatively late in his film career. In addition, there is Bob Steele, star of many 'B' westerns of the 30's and 40's playing what was an unusual role for him. This is just an interesting old flick. Actors: Marla English, Tom Conway, Mike Connors, Lance Fuller, Mary Ellen Kay Language : English