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"Killer Shark"

"Killer Shark"
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Killer Shark was another of actor Roddy McDowall's self-produced film efforts for Monogram release. McDowall stars as Ted, the son of fisherman White (Roland Winters). Convinced that his college-bred son is too namby-pamby for the demands of his profession, White nonetheless allows Ted to accompany him on a dangerous shark-netting expedition. Proving an ineffectual seaman, the boy accidentally causes one of the crew to suffer a serious injury. Hoping to prove himself, Ted signs on with another fishing boat--only to fail again (McDowall didn't seem to be too concerned about projecting himself as a hero on-screen). Finally, Ted comes through by capturing a gang of shark thieves. Cast: Roddy McDowall - Ted Laurette Luez - Maria Roland Winters - White Edward Norris - Ramon Rick Vallin - Agapito Douglas Fowley - Bracado Nacho Galindo - Maestro Ralf Harolde - Slattery Ted Hecht - Gano Robert Espinosa - Pinon Julian Rivero - Doctor Frank Sully - Pat George Slocum - Capt. Hansen Year: 1950 Language: English