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Murders in the Zoo

Murders in the Zoo
Item# murders-in-the-zoo

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Eric Gorman returns with his wife Evelyn from a trip to the Orient collecting zoo animals, having killed a member of his expedition who happened one day to kiss Mrs. Gorman. On board ship Evelyn meets Roger Hewitt, who falls in love with her. After delivering his animals to the zoo, Gorman plots a way to dispose of Hewitt using one of his latest specimens, then continues using the zoo's non-human residents to do his beastly work. Charles Ruggles ... Peter Yates (zoo press agent) (as Charlie Ruggles) Lionel Atwill ... Eric Gorman Gail Patrick ... Jerry Evans Randolph Scott ... Dr. Jack Woodford John Lodge ... Roger Hewitt Runtime:62 min Country:USA Language:English Year:1933