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It is 1939, Joan Crawford is one of Hollywood's biggest stars. But she tells boyfriend lawyer Greg Savitt that she isn't content living in her Brentwood mansion with just her devoted secretary Carol Ann and housekeeper Helga. Greg arranges for Joan to adopt a baby girl. Joan names her Christina and promises "to give her all the things I never had." But Joan is obsessed with perfection, and Christina finds it impossible to live up to her mother's standards.

Faye Dunaway ... Joan Crawford Diana Scarwid ... Christina Crawford (adult) Steve Forrest ... Greg Savitt Howard Da Silva ... Louis B. Mayer Mara Hobel ... Christina Crawford (child) Rutanya Alda ... Carol Ann Harry Goz ... Alfred Steele Michael Edwards ... Ted Gelber Jocelyn Brando ... Barbara Bennett Priscilla Pointer ... Mrs. Chadwick Joe Abdullah ... Captain Gary Allen ... Jimmy Selma Archerd ... Connie

Runtime:129 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1981