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According to an ancient Indian tale a giant monster embryo residing in a crystal vase is predetermined to fertilize a blue-eyed woman. She will give birth to something evil to unleash horror and destruction upon human kind. Ugly septuplet brothers reproduced within the framework of mysterious genetic experiments terrorize a young innocent girl who seems to be chosen for the sinister predestination. Esmée de la Bretonière ... Emalee Lucas Kenneth Herdigein ... Winston Monique van de Ven ... Victoria Lucas Gerda Havertong ... vrouw surinaams restaurant Elise Hoomans ... Dr.Goldman Johan Leysen ... Dr.Johnson Otto Sterman ... vader Keller Carol van Herwijnen ... burgemeester Rik van Uffelen ... de Graaf Olga Zuiderhoek ... Angela Kees Hulst ... Jansma Runtime:103 min Country:Netherlands Language: English Year: 1992