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Eyes of the Werewolf

Eyes of the Werewolf
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Eyes of the Werewolf is the tale of a man blinded in a laboratory accident that receives an eye transplant from an unethical doctor that employs a gang of hunters to kill people so that he can harvest their body parts for his experimental transplant surgeries, unaware that the eyes have come from a murdered werewolf. He too becomes a werewolf and his monstrous side begins taking out its wrath on his cheating wife, conniving best friend, the diabolical doctor, and every other poor soul that crosses his path when big and hairy. Mark Sawyer Mark Sawyer ... Rich Stevens Stephanie Beaton Stephanie Beaton ... Sondra Gard Jason Clark Jason Clark ... Siodmak Eric Mestressat Eric Mestressat ... Kass Tarri Markell Tarri Markell ... Lt. Justine Evers (as Tarri Markel) Tim Sullivan Tim Sullivan ... Dr. Atwill Kurt Levi Kurt Levi ... Androse Deborah Huber Deborah Huber ... Rita Stevens Country: USA Language: English