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Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel
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Whether or not you are a fan of Evel Knievel, the made for television movie has its moments. Having to rush a story in under 2 hours including commercial time, most of TNT movies fall short of anything great. The casting of Pressly and Bridges in the movie was great. Although they are supporting leads, they are what holds the movie together. Beau Bridges is great in pretty much anything he touches. Jaime Pressly has come a long way from her earlier films she was casted in for her "assets." Here, she shows her acting talents alongside her beauty. All in all, Evel Knievel is somewhat of a fun ride that takes you into the story of one of America's misunderstood Dare-devils. George Eads ... Evel Jaime Pressly ... Linda Bork Lance Henriksen ... 'Awful' Knoffel Matt Gordon Peter MacNeill Fred Dalton Thompson ... Jay Sarno Beau Bridges ... John Bork Jake Brockman ... Young Bobby / Evel Maggie Butterfield ... Ethel Bork Runtime:USA:91 min Country:USA | Canada Language:English Year: 2004