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Die! Die! My Darling

Die! Die! My Darling
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While in rural England beautiful Pat Carroll decides to pay a courtesy call on the mother of her dead fiance Stephen, who was killed in an auto accident several years earlier. The overbearing Mrs. Trefoile is very controlling and presses Pat to stay overnight and go to church with her in the morning. In short order, her guest becomes her prisoner as the religious fanatic uses her servants to enforce her will. When Pat tells her that she wasn't going through with the marriage and that Stephen actually committed suicide, Mrs. Trefoile decides to starve her into obedient submission. Her only hope is that Alan, her current fiance, will rescue her. Tallulah Bankhead ... Mrs. Trefoile Stefanie Powers ... Pat Carroll Peter Vaughan ... Harry Maurice Kaufmann ... Alan Glentower Yootha Joyce ... Anna

Donald Sutherland ... Joseph Gwendolyn Watts ... Gloria Robert Dorning ... Ormsby Country: UK Language: English Year:1985