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Demons - Demons 2: - Night of the Demons

Demons - Demons 2: - Night of the Demons
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A group of people are trapped in a large West Berlin movie theater infected by ravenous demons whom proceed to kill and posses the humans one-by-one thereby multiplying their numbers. Urbano Barberini ... George Natasha Hovey ... Cheryl Karl Zinny ... Ken Runtime:104 min Country:Italy Language:English 1985 Demons 2: A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down. David Edwin Knight ... George Nancy Brilli ... Hannah Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni ... Sally Day Bobby Rhodes ... Hank, gym instructor Country:Italy Language:English Year:1986 Night of the Demons On the night of Halloween, 10 teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor. "Hull House"... Alvin Alexis ... Rodger Allison Barron ... Helen Lance Fenton ... Jay Jansen Billy Gallo ... Sal Romero Country:USA Language:English Year:1988