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Bloody Vampire 1963

Bloody Vampire  1963
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Released to the US market by K. Gordon Murray, this slow-moving, 19th-century Mexican vampire story contains some striking images amidst the domestic drama and lengthy expository scenes. The film opens by a lonely roadside, where Anna Cagliostro (Begona Palacios), her fiance, Dr. Richard Peisser (Raoul Farell) and a family servant, Gestas (Francisco A. Cordova), are searching for a mandragora root, which grows only at the feet of hanged men. Anna's father, Count Cagliostro (Antonio Raxel), needs the root for his research into a cure for vampirism. They hide when a spectral coach appears on the road, then return to their search for the root, which they bring back to ... Language: English