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Black Cadillac WIDESCREEN

Black Cadillac   WIDESCREEN
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Every year Scott Robertson, a generally admired Yale student, and his screw-up mate C.J. Longhammer from Minnesota cross the Wisconsin border for a wild night. Scott has a girl in his Saab, but as usual must return to the bar as CJ started a fight and this time Scotts adoring kid brother Robbie is with them, and just was about to lose his tormenting virginity. Scotts fists get them out. They are followed by a black Cadillac, make a risky drive on the lake to shake it, allow Robbie to take an urgent leak and give a lift to a neighboring sheriff, Charlie, who has car trouble in Arctic weather. The Cadillac keeps following and even ramming them, so they start wondering why and suspecting each-other, and it gets worse...

Randy Quaid ... Charlie Shane Johnson ... Scott Josh Hammond ... C.J. Longhammer Jason Dohring ... Robby Kiersten Warren ... Jeannine Adam Vernier ... Beefy Taylor Stanley ... Denise Kelly Mullis ... Lurlene Robert Clunis ... Luther Marilyn Silva ... Louise Runtime:93 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 2003