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Alien from the Deep

Alien from the Deep
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The environmentalist Jane and her cameraman smuggle onto a tropical island to investigate the activities of the E-Chem plant. They obtain videotape proof that show that instead of decontaminating radioactive waste E-Chem is dumping it into the islands active volcano. But they are spotted and pursued by the companys mercenaries. A mysterious snake venom farmer aids Jane in her flight. They are then witnesses as an alien emerges from the nearby lake and kills all as it heads to the plant, drawn to the nuclear waste. Director Anthony M. Dawson [Antonio Margheriti], Screenplay Tito Carpi, Producer Gianfranco Couyoumdjian, Photography Fausto Zuccoli, Music Andrea Ridolfi. Production Company Gico Cinematografica/Dania Film/National Cinematografica/VIP International Films/Reteitalia. Cast: Daniel Bosch (Bob), Julia McKay (Jane), Charles Napier (Colonel Kovacs), Luciano Pigozzi (Dr Jaffrey), Robert Marius (Lee) 90 Mins: Language English Year:1989